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Oak Monitor Recording Crown Health In Tecolote Canyon, San Diego

The recent decline in our native oak trees has sparked concern. Trees that have lived for many years are being infested by the Goldspotted Oak Borer. If you are concerned with Goldspotted Oak Borer spreading and infecting oaks throughout California and the US, then the EWS is a great way to become involved. We are trying to map where the infected trees are located and stop the spread to other sites.  The data reported is used by scientists to understand the geospatial distrubution of oak decline. Aside from these reasons, you can even join if you are interested in learning more about the outdoors, the role that oaks have in the ecosystem, and insects and pathogens! You can become a Citizen Scientist just by being concerned and making observations.

One Response to How to Participate

  1. Danya Willms says:

    We have lost approximately 25 oaks on our property over the last 5 years due to GSOB. Several of our remaining oaks are showing signs of weeping/oozing on the trunk along with die back in the crowns of the trees. I saw your article in the February issue of San Diego Home/Garden magazines and am interested in getting more information.

    Danya Willms